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Morganic Industries, LLC (“Morganic Industries” or “the business”) is a Denver-based consulting business focused on providing cannabis cultivation and dispensary expertise to operators in emerging legal markets across the United States. The business is committed to partnering with clients to design and establish optimized cultivation facilities and dispensaries, produce high-quality cannabis, and implement management practices designed to ensure long-term success.

The business is led by Morgan Carr, an entrepreneur and activist with over 13 years of experience in the legal cannabis industry. Carr is the co-founder of “Wellspring Collective” (MMST LLC), one of the first licensed seed-to-sale medical cannabis operations in Colorado. As an early operator in the Denver market, Carr worked closely with government and law enforcement officials to establish the City of Denver and the State of Colorado’s operational & Licensing guidelines for cannabis cultivators and retailers.




Morganic Industries was founded on the following principles:

1. Cannabis should be legal and accessible to medical patients and adult-use consumers across the country. Many of us have seen family members and friends suffer needlessly and tragically with prescription drugs and there needs to be safe alternative treatments available.

2. Licensed cannabis businesses are responsible for providing high-quality, safe and consistent products to patients and consumers to the clear benefit of their health and overall quality of life.

3. Businesses must implement best operational business practices in order to fulfill their responsibility to patients and consumers and ensure their long-term viability. This begins from the initial build-out of a facility, continues at each stage of plant growth, and ends with the final delivery of a product to a patient.




Morganic Industries guides operators through the application process, facility design & built-out, and early operational phases of establishing a cannabis business. Carr and his team work closely with clients to establish cultivation practices designed to maximize yields, maintain consistent harvests, and optimize product quality, and design patient flow through the dispensaries to create the greatest volume of sales possible while having the highest level of patient care.

Morganic Industries is highly involved in activism and educational efforts across the country and is committed to providing extensive education to government and law enforcement officials as well as patients and consumers. Carr and his team are committed to working with clients to set high standards for best business practices, while building collaborative relationships with state and local governments.

Morganic Industries has continually demonstrated that regulated cannabis businesses can integrate seamlessly into communities, while creating jobs, contributing tax revenue, and providing medicine for local citizens.




Morgan Carr, Founder & Principal

Morgan Carr is a seasoned entrepreneur and activist with over 13 years of experience in the legal cannabis industry. He has owned and operated cannabis businesses in Colorado since 2009 and is committed to cannabis education, activism, and scientific and technological research.

After losing his father to cancer in 2002, Carr committed himself to activism efforts to secure legal access to medical cannabis for patients. He was a founding member of Coloradans for Medical Marijuana Regulation (CMMR) and was instrumental in crafting Colorado’s Medical Marijuana Act (HB1284) and lobbying for its passage in 2010.

In September of 2009, Carr co-founded Wellspring Collective, one of the first licensed seed-to-sale medical cannabis operations in Colorado. As the co-owner and managing partner at Wellspring, Carr focused on building a strong retail presence and cultivating high-quality strains for patients. He understood and prioritized the importance of secure and sanitary business practices, and subsequently, Wellspring became a market leader in Colorado. Carr gave dozens of tours of his facility to government leaders and law enforcement officials to educate them on the requisite operational practices to maintain a secure and professional facility. Wellspring garnered praise for its professional storefront and interior, extensive security measures, and prowess in seed-to-sale tracking.

As the national cannabis industry evolved, Carr became a recognized leader in best operating practices. His business’s operating procedures formed the basis for the Denver Department of Environmental Health’s Best Management Practices: Commercial Medical Marijuana Cultivation Operations Manual. Carr also worked with the Denver Department of Health to establish guidelines on cultivation and dispensary odor control and worked with the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division to create regulations for edible consumption. He lobbied for the passing of the Adult-Use cannabis and testified at the city of Denver A64 Special committee meeting focusing on retail marijuana and conversion and collocation of stores.

Carr is committed to scientific and technological research in the field of cannabis cultivation. He has developed a proprietary cultivation system, specifically designed to help commercial cultivators maximize yields, maintain consistent weekly harvests, and optimize product selection. Carr has extensive expertise in all facets of cannabis cultivation and is continually improving and adapting his methodologies as new technology becomes available.

In 2017, Carr sold his interest in Wellspring to shift his focus to activism and canna-business consulting efforts in new cannabis markets across the country. His current business, Morganic Industries, provides cultivation & dispensary expertise throughout the application, build-out, and early operational phase of establishing a cannabis business. Carr was a founding partner of WSCC, a leading cultivation and dispensary business that won four licenses in the state of Nevada. Carr led the team through the build-out, construction, and operational development of the cultivation and dispensary facility. Carr’s hard work resulted in WSCC being awarded the first operational license in Nevada.

Carr has since duplicated this process with clients throughout the country, while also starting a genetics company in Broomfield, CO. At CBG Seed Source, a Colorado licensed hemp cultivation and nursery, Carr and his partners have been busy with genetic research and breeding plants rich in minor cannabinoids.

Carr has also became a “Certified Expert Witness” for the standard of care for cannabis cultivation in the fall of 2023.

Notable Licenses:

2009 ~ Co-Founded “Wellspring Collective” (MMST llc), 20th dispensary in Colorado
(sold 2017) 1 Medical license (2010), 1 Retail License (2014)

2010 ~ Founded Morganic Industries (cultivation in Denver) (sold in 2017) 1 Medical license (2010), 1 Retail License (Q1 2014)

2014 ~ Founding member & president of Sierra Wellness Connection Reno NV – awarded 4 of the original MMJ licenses in NV (1 Reno dispensary, 1 Carson City dispensary, 1 Reno cultivation 1 Carson City cultivation. Very first operational license in the state (First to Market – Reno, NV cultivation) (sold 2016) 4 Medical Licenses

2017 ~ Pure Ohio – formerly COO Awarded one of the 12 level 1 (25k) cultivations, 3 dispensaries and a processing license. (consultant) 5 Medical Licenses

2018 ~ Co-Founded Pure Dakota (co-owner and production Manager) – awarded one of the 2 cultivation licenses in the state, first to market. (sold 2019) 1 Medical License

2019 – Founding Member of CBG Seed Source (CSS Consulting LLC) – Hemp Cultivation License from State of Colorado

Other Notable Industry Actions:

10/1/2009 ~ Coloradans for Medical Marijuana Regulation (CMMR) – Founding Member of the Canna-Business Nonprofit

6/15/2010 ~ Medical Marijuana Industry Group (MMIG, currently operated as MIG) – Founding Member of the Canna-Business Nonprofit (took over CMMR)

5/27/2011 ~ Denver Department of Environmental Health’s “Best Management Practices: Commercial Medical Marijuana Cultivation Operation” manual used standards from Mr. Carr’s Denver operation in the manual

9/28/2011 ~ Denver Medical Marijuana Workgroup, selected as Workgroup Member – Industry Representative

10/6/2011 ~ Denver Mayor Hancock’s Business Roundtables: Identified as “a young entrepreneur under 40” and invited to the “Young Entrepreneur Roundtable” Participant

4/1/2013 ~ Cannabis Business Alliance (CBA) – Founding Member of the Canna-Business Nonprofit

8/1/2014 ~ Selected to be on Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division “Stakeholder Working Group” – HB 14-1366 (Edibles)

2/1/2016 ~ Selected to be industry representative involved in Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Divisions “Participation in Interviewing Candidates” – MED Director Position

7/27/2016 ~ Selected to be on Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division “Stakeholder Working Group” – Testing, Packaging, Labeling and Administrative Actions

5/9/2017 ~ Selected to be on Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division “Focus Group” – “Labeling” Focus Group Member

9/13/23 – Confirmed as “Certified Expert Witness” – For the standard of care in cannabis cultivation by the  “American Arbitration Association” (AAA).


Carr remains a contributor to government regulatory bodies and activism groups in Colorado and across the country. He has been referenced in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, the Denver Post, the Reno News and Review, the Reno Gazette, Denver Westword and numerous internet articles.





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